The brand story

SCHOTT is a legendary New York brand in many ways.

Founded at the start of the 20th century, the SCHOTT leather factory built its reputation on the Leather Perfecto, the 1st zipped leather jacket designed by Irwing SCHOTT, a motorcycle enthusiast and the "PERFECTO" Cuban cigar whose jacket would inherit the name. As well as on the other iconic model of the brand, the Bombardier jacket in 100% sheepskin, also created by Irwing SCHOTT.

Today, you don't have to be a rebel to wear the leather perfecto, which has truly become a classic in a woman's wardrobe. Come and discover the SCHOTT leather Perfecto in all the variations and the sheepskin bomber jacket in our specialist leather shop CESARE NORI or on

What to remember about Schott brand clothes?

The Perfecto Schott: The authentic Perfecto Schott is distinguished by its chic and "go-anywhere" style, an essential lambskin leather with its diagonal silver zipper and its shoulder pads with the brand name. The essential mid-season piece for a biker look!

The Schott Bomber: Schott bomber jackets are legendary! Its comfortable fit and nylon material take you into the world of street fashion. Note the presence of interior and exterior pockets, enough for a variety of getaways. Not forgetting the famous Schott crest that will make your look shine.

The Schott Bomber: We are talking here about the essential Schott bomber in woolen sheepskin! This perfect cut will be essential for the cool season. Timeless and indestructible, whether you're 18 or 78, this Schott jacket will bring out the best in you.