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FROST 515 M 03KA métallique FROST 515 M 03KA métallique
Blonde N°8 FROST 515 M 03KA métallique

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Women's Down Jacket with Fur: What Style Is It For?

The down jacket, like the parka, is an ideal coat for winter. Insulating, comfortable, and increasingly trendy, the down jacket is becoming more and more popular in the modern woman's wardrobe. Forget about the oversized and outdated down jackets; nowadays, there are many cuts of down jackets that adapt to every woman's size.

The down jacket is the perfect companion to keep you warm in your daily life in the city during winter, as well as during your hiking trips.

There are many available colors, ranging from the traditional black to more unique shades.

In addition to keeping you warm, the down jacket with a hood (just like the parka) gives you a casual sportswear look that is very trendy. Forget about the sports winter down jacket!

Different Styles of Down Jackets for Women

There are numerous down jackets with diverse styles, giving you plenty of choices.

  • Sleeveless Down Jacket for Women

The sleeveless down jacket is perfect for the transitional seasons. It's the kind of lightweight jacket that keeps you warm between two seasons. Available in fabric or leather, these down jackets are very trendy in big cities.

  • Down Jacket with Fur Hood

The fur hood is a common feature in parkas (such as the Blonde N8 parka with its large marmot fur hood), but it's also found in down jackets.

For example, the Intuition down jacket has a black fox fur hood collar, and the black leather Katleen jacket from the Ventcouvert brand comes with a detachable fur hood.

Whether it's real fur or faux fur, a fur hood or fur collar will keep you warm and provide a pleasant touch.

  • Quilted Down Jacket

The quilted women's down jacket gives you a versatile and casual style. Fans of quilted down jackets appreciate the fitted cut that accentuates their waist, whether it's autumn or winter.

The Oakwood brand offers the Happy model, which is a best-selling quilted down jacket. This down jacket is made with Thinsulate fiber, a material that helps maintain an ideal temperature, so you never feel too hot or too cold. The quilted down jacket is available in both short and long versions.

  • Women's Down Jacket for Extreme Cold

For winter sports enthusiasts, discover the mountain-inspired down jackets from the Helvetica brand. These down jackets keep you warm while allowing flexible movement and breathability. The Ontario down jacket features a large fur hood to keep your head warm.

Different Cuts of Down Jackets for Women

First of all, down jackets can be worn in short or long lengths. The choice depends on your height and body shape. If you're tall, opt for a long down jacket that will accentuate your silhouette. If you're petite, choose a short down jacket, which tends to make you look taller.

There is also a distinction between a fitted cut and an oversized cut. Again, the choice depends on your body shape and size. Opt for an oversized cut to break up your silhouette. You can balance out the loose fit with stretch leather pants or slim jeans, for example.

Whether it's long or short, the fitted cut will highlight your curves!

As you can see, regardless of size (from XS, S, L,, M, XL, XXL), both the women's down jacket and the parka are much better options than your old winter coat!

What to Wear with a Fur-Trimmed Down Jacket for Women

There are plenty of outfit ideas to try with a fur-trimmed hooded down jacket.

For example, you can pair your down jacket with black leather pants, white sneakers, and sunglasses.

A hooded down jacket can also be sexy and feminine. Wear it with a form-fitting white top, skinny jeans, and heels.

Tired of black? Opt for pastel colors and combine them with a white hoodie and gray jeans.

Don't forget accessories like a knitted beanie with a fur pompom, for instance.

Features of Women's Hooded Parka

The hooded parka is another winter classic. It is available in various colors such as khaki, navy, and black.

Similar to down jackets, there are two types of cuts: short parka and long parka. The hood is often large and lined with real or faux fur.

Materials used include polyester, lambskin leather, and fur.

A Wide Collection of Women's Down Jackets on

Our website offers a wide selection of down jackets with fur hoods. You'll find the popular Blonde N8 brand as well as leather down jackets from the FLO CLO brand. Take advantage of winter and summer sales to purchase these essential brands at the best prices.

Buy a Women's Down Jacket or Parka on

Enjoy a variety of hooded down jackets and parkas on

These coats will be ideal companions for the cold winter temperatures.

Available sizes range from 48/S to 62/5XL, including XXL. In addition to winter and summer sales, various promotions are available to help you get your down jackets and parkas at the best prices.

For orders over €250, you'll receive free 24-hour delivery and have the option to pay in 3 installments without fees.

A quality control check is systematically conducted before shipping your package.

In case of any issues, you can request a free exchange or refund for orders exceeding €250.

Our customer service is available via phone and chat.

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