Serge Pariente ALEXIA Black

Perfecto rock/chic spirit

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MARIE Cognac MARIE Cognac
Serge Pariente MARIE Cognac

Like a short safari jacket

  • -40%
  • Victim of his own success !
Serge Pariente ONIDIA DAIM Tobacco

Perfecto brown suede

CITY GIRL Daim Cognac CITY GIRL Daim Cognac
Serge Pariente CITY GIRL Daim Cognac

Perfecto kid suede

  • Victim of his own success !
Perfecto femme en cuir, daim, peau lainée Serge Pariente CITY GIRL Marron CITY GIRL Brown
Serge Pariente CITY GIRL Brown

Perfecto leather without belt

  • Victim of his own success !
Pantalon en cuir Serge Pariente Sexy Noir SEXY Black
Serge Pariente SEXY Black

Black lambskin pants

Serge Pariente AUDREY Black

Bombers short

STEF Black STEF Black
Serge Pariente STEF Black

Perfecto oversize cropped

  • -20%
  • Out-of-Stock
  • Victim of his own success !

Serge Pariente, style above all!

If you don't know the Serge Pariente brand yet, you won't be able to resist its charm for long. This leather clothing brand for men and women has made a mark in the fashion industry, conquering every generation.

The Serge Pariente leather jacket

You may have already seen a Serge Pariente product without even realizing it. The brand offers leather pieces with a charm and character that appeal to urban men and women with a rock spirit. If you're drawn to a Serge Pariente leather jacket, it means you want to make a statement with your look while taking care of your style. Ideal for the transitional seasons, the Serge Pariente leather jacket has a modern touch that you won't find elsewhere. Often, the Serge Pariente jacket is easily recognizable by the quality of its leather, meticulous details, and perfect fit. Whether it's a leather jacket, leather vest, or leather perfecto, Serge Pariente captivates women with collections at the forefront of fashion. The French brand continually evolves its models while maintaining the codes of a biker-rock universe. When you wear a Serge Pariente leather jacket, you adopt a rock-urban style that becomes a second skin. Pair it with classic jeans and sneakers or go for a full leather look with heels, the Serge Pariente leather jacket offers a wide range of outfit combinations.

The Serge Pariente leather coat

As a major reference in leather perfecto jackets, Serge Pariente expands its range by offering more classic products. The leather coat becomes a must-have in your wardrobe. Whether it's a collarless leather coat or a mandarin collar leather coat, your future piece will undoubtedly impress your surroundings. Be prepared for the envious reactions of your friends who will adore your look. The use of high-quality lambskin leather and the choice of colors allow many women to find themselves in one or more pieces from each collection.
Serge Pariente, the timeless brand
When you choose to wear Serge Pariente, you can be sure that your leather garment will withstand the test of time without ever going out of style. The brand strives to innovate in its cuts and designs while maintaining a timeless style. Serge Pariente focuses on the details of its models to appeal to a wide range of women. Whether classic or streetwear, your look will undoubtedly match the brand's product. Whether we're talking about jackets, coats, vests, down jackets, or perfectos, Serge Pariente adds its unique touch that sets the garment apart.

Don't forget that you can pay in 3 installments without fees with free express delivery and the option to return the product within 14 days of purchase if it doesn't meet your expectations. Whether you wear size XS or XXL, we undoubtedly have the model of your dreams in stock. Still undecided between two sizes? Contact customer service for more information on each model and size. In our Cesare Nori boutique, available sizes range from XS to 3XL. And if your size is not available in our store, we will order it for you and send it after conducting a quality check before each departure from our boutique.

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